Games and Apps

Birchmark has involved gaming since it first came into existence, however there are future plans for Birchmark to move into the realm of game and app development.
Here are some Steemit posts discussing my involvement in Steemitjam#4:
Grass tiles, Dirt Tiles and an Upcoming Pug - My first Steemit Jam post
Pug Bee is in the Game - Steemit Jam

I have previously attempted to make a 2D html5 shooter game starring the same pug used in the Steemit Jam posts. This was made for study as part of my Diploma in Digital Media Technologies but it exceeded the requirements for the course so I completed the course without getting it complete. It is incomplete at this point and the major issues I had with it was letting randomly spawned enemies shoot as spawning the enemies randomly and trying to set the bullet spawn position to be the enemies' random positions each plus the right amount to make the bullet come out the gun instead of their stomach's etc was causing an error where it was getting a NaN (not a number) response for the bullet coordinates. This is something I will have to return to sometime to work out and then put this game up on the website.

For Steemitjam#4, I was using the Paper2D part of Unreal engine. Unlike my HTML5 game, so far that has required no programming but I'm assuming it will later to do more complex things. I know some game makers are like that, where you can do a very simple game through even drag and drop but you need coding if you wish to do something more complex or have a more customised game. Unreal being a game engine, not a game maker, is likely a bit different, but so far I have been able to paint things I would have had to have coded in HTML5 etc, so the experience is similar so far. I will be continuing on with creating this game, and I will be learning as I go as I had not used Unreal prior to Steemitjam#4.