Birchmark is on Steemit! Steemit is a website powered by the Steem Blockchain where users can create and share content and through upvotes by the community, earn cryptocurrency.

I post a range of topics and post a range of content types on Steemit.

One of thing things I do is post my videos on Steemit. I share the videos on the main site and sometimes I post my videos on video platforms that connect directly in with the Steemit website. Sometimes the videos are part of a larger post, and sometimes they are the main focus of the post, but still have some background text about the video in the post. My videos focus primarily on gaming and animation.

One of the other things I do on Steemit is post fiction. I am currently sharing an ongoing story of mine called "Confusing Earth" which focuses on aliens that are on Earth and pretending to be ordinary people, while still learning even the basics of live on Earth.

I also post about various other interests and topics on Steemit including robotics and new shirt designs I have created for Redbubble and Threadless.

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